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Every year the ISHG will give three Young Scientist Awards (YSA) in the fields of Human Genetics. As a mark of recognition, the best three works in order of merit will be selected subject to presentation and defense of their work. These best three candidates will be awarded with a medal, certificate and cash prize as detailed below. All short-listed papers for young scientist presentation will receive waiver for registration, accommodation and travel will be provided by 3Tier AC via shortest route. The award will be subject to oral presentation in the YSA session during the annual ISHG meeting. Awards will be declared and presented during the same meeting.

Age Limit:

The candidate must not have completed 35 years of age by 31 st December of the preceding year or 3 months prior to the conference whichever is later. An age proof certificate must accompany the paper.

Number of awards: Three

Award presentation: ISHG young scientist award.

Award carries a medal, certificate, registration waiver, accommodation waiver, travel waiver and prize money of Rs. 5000, 3000 and 2000 in the order of merit.

Criteria for selection

The candidate should be a member of ISHG. If the candidate is not a member, he/she can apply along with the submission of his YSA application.

The applicant should submit the following through email to “”, (i) Completed application from; (ii) Extended abstract (1000 words); (iii) A full-length paper and (iv) A letter from the mentor stating that the paper presented contains applicant’s work only. The candidate should also send one printed copy of the above documents.

The paper submitted must be the result of sole/major work done by the candidate and should not be published by the due date of submission of application. This can be authenticated by the candidate’s claim for being the first author of the paper. A letter from the mentor should support this claim. If the work is a part of Doctoral thesis a certificate from the guide that the candidate is mainly responsible for the findings and interpretation, attested to and countersigned as above, must accompany the paper. Simple review papers, without any attempt at synthesizing and interpretation, are not acceptable. Kindly submit the application form in the format given below.

Among the submitted papers for young scientist a maximum of 9 best papers in order of merit will be selected for presentation in the Annual ISHG meeting. Selection will be done by the committee of experts duly constituted by the ISHG President and Secretary.

The committee of experts evaluating the oral presentation of YSA will be constituted by ISHG EC and not by the local organizing committee. The experts in the committee evaluating the submissions should not be evaluating the submissions of his or her student or students from his or her institute contesting the YSA and will remain a non-voting member for this special circumstance. A special expert will be nominated for this special circumstance only for such candidates.

Candidates, recommended for consideration for the awards, are required to present their papers at the Annual Meeting of the Society. The presentation is for 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes of discussion.

If a submitted abstract is not selected as one among top nine submissions in order of merit, it might be allowed for presentation as a poster.

The decision of the Governing Council regarding the Awards is final.

The award will be presented during the concluding ceremony of the Annual meeting of ISHG.

The last date for receipt of applications for the Young Scientist Award at the office of the Secretary, ISHG is 31st December, 2019

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