Dr. Ritushree Kukreti, Ph. D.

Dr. Ritushree Kukreti obtained her Ph.D. in 1994 from the Department of Biosciences and Biotechnology, University of Roorkee (presently IIT Roorkee). Later, she joined Laboratoire d’Oncologie Moleculaire, University of Paris, France as postdoctoral fellow. In 1998, she joined the Functional Genomics Unit at Centre for Biochemical Technology, CSIR (presently CSIR-IGIB), Delhi, as a Research Associate and subsequently, in Oct. 2002 she joined GenoMed (a knowledge collaboration between IGIB and Nicolas Piramal India Ltd.) as a Senior Scientist and worked towards understanding the genetic and molecular basis of drug responses for multigenic complex disorders. Currently, she is senior principal scientist at CSIR-IGIB and working to create a powerful platform for pharmacogenomics driven drug discovery and clinical medicine. Dr. Ritushree kukreti is the author of over 98 scholarly publications in the areas of population, medical genetics, genomics and pharmacogenetics and working in several related research projects. Her principal areas of interests include human genetic diversity, the genetics of disease, and pharmacogenetics. Aim is identification and characterization of genes involved in disease severity and drug response in brain disorders and functional validation for establishment of biomarkers of biomedical importance. And understanding the expression and regulation of drug metabolizing enzymes and drug transporters in presence of xenobiotics and endobiotics and how these factors contribute to drug response.

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